3 Major Considerations for Businesses Hiring a Cyber Security Company

Hiring a cyber security company can be a challenging endeavor. As with any highly technical field, it can be hard for consumers to accurately communicate what they need and understand what is being offered. Using the three characteristics below, clients can help judge how to find the best fit for their security needs.


A cyber security company that effectively communicates will be able to explain findings to both a technical and nontechnical audience. It’s important that the results are clearly communicated via written reports and discussed orally in a conference so that responsible parties quickly understand where and what needs to be fixed. If requested, companies should be able to provide a redacted version of a report so clients know what to expect as a final deliverable.

Different projects may also require different levels of communication. Some projects may require minimal communication, while other projects may require daily conference calls or status updates. If a high level of communication is needed, it’s important to make sure the cyber security company can meet those needs.


Highly technical testing can sometimes not go as planned. When this happens, it’s important for a cyber security company to be upfront and honest about when and what testing has occurred. This way, any issues can be quickly sorted out and resolved. Asking a company for references may help alleviate any concerns here.

Cyber Security is a wide industry with many different technical specialties. Each company may have a primary focus that may not line up with a clients unique needs and expectations. It’s important for a company to turn down requests it can’t reasonably handle. Prospective clients should ask how many similar assessments the company has previously completed.

Personal Treatment

Cyber Security companies come in various sizes. It’s important for a company to have enough Resources but also have testers that are familiar with an organization's environment and policies. Reports should also be customizable to the client and the application or system tested.

Summary Questions

  1. Can the company provide a sample report?

  2. Can the company communicate on a timeline that meshes with my organization’s needs?

  3. Does the company have any recent references?

  4. How many similar assessments has the company completed?

  5. Will the same consultants be used for retesting?

  6. Will the reports be customizable to my organization and environment?

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