Risk Control Self Assessment

Risk Control Approaches:

Our qualified team of security auditors will focus on the following areas while conducting a Risk Control Risk Assessment review:

  • Evaluate and manage high risk areas of company’s business processes

  • Review perceived effectiveness of security controls already in place

  • Develop risk response action plans

  • Ensure that the identification, recognition, and evaluation of business objectives and risks remain consistent across the company

Our Methodology

Information Gathering:

  • Structured self assessment questionnaires completed by each business unit

  • Information provided from previous security engagements

  • Specific regulatory and corporate security requirements in place

  • Best practices, as appropriate

  • Specific technology, system, and process controls in place

  • Workshops/interviews discussing specific issues or processes identified by stakeholders 

Document Review:

  • Identify risks

  • Identify controls

  • Challenge self assessments

Action Against Risks and Controls:

  • Develop corrective strategies and timelines to address each risk

Detailed Report:

  • Summary of themes across the business

  • Identified risk situations and controls

  • Recommended remediation